Substance Abuse Affects More Than Just You

Substance abuse disorders don’t only affect the person who is using the substance. The range of effects reaches far out into society not only affecting those close to you but anyone around you. Drinking and drugging can destroy relationships and careers as well as have a massive societal impact. The effect on the person’s health however can be even worse. Someone who is not normally prone to violence or criminal activity may very well engage in illegal acts as a means of supporting their addiction costing the taxpayer’s money for prosecution and putting people’s lives and pursuit of happiness in danger. Addiction tears apart families as the drug becomes the only thing that the physically addicted person is capable of caring about at the moment. If you believe you or your loved one has a substance abuse issue then you should not hesitate to reach out and find help! It’s never too early to start the process of recovery so call us today at (757) 267-4803.

What Is Rehab? What Will Happen There?

Inpatient Substance abuse rehabilitation is a very successful method or rehabilitation from addiction. If you or your loved one are considering inpatient rehab treatment then you may be worried about what rehab even is! Inpatient treatment is usually held in either a medical facility or at a residential facility where clients live for a somewhat extended period of time while they receive treatment. Common therapies used during treatment are therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, equine therapy, music and art therapy, and strength and yoga therapy. Clients also usually meet with a therapist one on one as well as in a group setting to discuss difficult feelings and emotions and work past them. Inpatient treatment usually focuses on not only allowing the body to normalize and build itself back up but also to treat the mind and identify the reason as to why the addict used drugs or alcohol to begin with and how they can avoid doing so in the future. If you or your loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol but can’t seem to stop call us anytime at (757) 267-4803 to find the help that you or they desperately need.

The Right Treatment Can Make All the Difference

Having a good plan in place for treatment can make a huge difference in whether or not the addict in recovery stays in recovery for an extended period of time. Rehab is just a piece of the puzzle even though it is a very important piece. In order to give you or your loved one the greatest chance at a lasting recovery. Sometimes the best chance at recovery is to get out of your normal area where you used or drank to avoid temptations and triggers or the possibility that you could leave without finishing treatment. Seeking out of state treatment has been very effective in helping addicts complete their treatment and when the program is completed according to plan, recovery usually goas a lot smoother. Call us now to start a plan for you or your loved one and get on the right path towards recovery. We are here anytime at (757) 267-4803.