The Deadly Face of Alcoholism

Alcohol is so socially acceptable in most cultures that many people view drinking as just harmless fun. To those addicted to alcohol, however, it is a much darker spirit and takes control of every aspect of a person life. Alcohol not only has devastating physical affects but also affects a person’s social life, relationships, career as well as society as a whole. Alcoholism and withdrawals due to alcohol dependency can have lasting and very damaging health effects such as nutritional deficiencies, brain damage, heart disease, stomach ulcers, cirrhosis of the liver and even death. Often, those who suffer from alcoholism experience lasting social skill and psychological health deterioration. Alcohol affects not only the person who is drinking through loss of jobs, damaged relationships and more but it also affects society and has damaging effects. Taxpayer money is spent prosecuting those who engage in criminal activity while under the influence or to get their next drink and drunk driving kills many innocent people. If you or a loved one are suffering from alcohol abuse and dependency then don’t hesitate to call us. We are here for you 24/7 at (757) 267-4803. Speak to a recovery professional about the next step today.

What is Alcohol Rehab Like?

Inpatient Rehabilitation for Alcohol and substance abuse issues is a great option for overcoming addiction and getting to a better quality of life. There are so many different types of inpatient rehabilitation programs available to a recovering addict it can be hard to know that you should choose. A Dual Diagnosis facility is a great place to start. This is where the issue of alcoholism is addressed by not only removing the toxic chemical from the body but figuring out why you feel the need to put it into your body in the first place. There are many different therapies to help achieve this including equine therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group and individual therapy, strength and yoga therapy and music and arts therapy. Some programs are religious programs while others are 12-step based, SMART Recovery based, Women’s programs, veterans programs and more. If you or your loved one needs treatment but you are unsure about where to start in wading through the multitude of different options for treatment then give us a call today. We are here around the clock at (757) 267-4803 to help you or your loved one find the treatment that fits them best!

What is My First Step Towards Getting Into Treatment?

If you or your loved one has a drug and alcohol abuse issue then you will want to get them into treatment as soon as possible but that can be easier said than done. It can be very difficult navigating the ins and outs of what insurance will or will not cover, what programs will admit right away and which ones will have waiting lists and many more factors that make finding treatment tricky. No one should have to navigate this path alone. You should reach out for help from a recovery professional that knows how to go about finding the right treatment program and getting through admitting. We are here 24/7 for you to discuss your options for treatment that fits both your needs and your budget. You may not know whether you or your loved one needs to attend detox or if a professional interventionist is the best option to convince your loved one to seek help for their problem. Call us today at (757) 267-4803 to find the answers you need and save a life from the depths of drug and alcohol addiction. It’s never too early to start looking for help.