What is the Point of Detox?

Detoxification happens when you stop using a drug or drinking and your body starts the process of removing all of the drug or toxic chemical from the body. These are chemicals that have built up in the body over an extended period of drug and alcohol abuse and often the body has to relearn how to function without these chemicals and during this period the body will go through withdrawals. Withdrawals during detoxification can cause shivering, shaking, sweating, nausea, constipation, aching, pain, and many more symptoms. Depending on what substance has been abused withdrawal symptoms can even be deadly if not monitored by medical professionals so speaking to a professional about whether or not a medical detox is necessary is important. In a detox program, patients can be given medicines to help them come down off of a substance or to reduce the effects of the withdrawal symptoms and keep them safe and as comfortable as possible while they get through the detoxification period. Call us today at (757) 267-4803 to speak to a recovery professional aout the best option for you or your loved one.

What is Detox Like?

When a client enters a detox program they could be placed in a number of different settings and there are many different methods of detoxification that they may use. Some detoxification programs take place in a full medical facility while other programs allow the patient to detox in the comfort of a luxurious house with medical staff that come to check up on them and take their vital signs and administer medication as needed. The goal of most detoxification programs is to clear the toxins from the body while ensuring that the patient is as comfortable as possible however some programs will on administer medication if it is needed to keep the patient safe from permanent harm. This is where doing your research on which detoxification programs is right for you can come in handy. We are always here to help you weigh your options and help find you or your loved one the right detox program to fit your needs and ensure that your detoxification goes as smoothly as possible. Don’t wait. Call us today at (757) 267-4803 and get you or your loved one on the path to feeling better and taking control of your life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

You’re Not Done after Detox!

Recovery doesn’t end at Detox. As a matter of fact Detoxification is simply the beginning to any good treatment plan. As with most things in life a well-rounded plan is the key to success and the same goes for treatment. In order to achieve lasting recovery from substance abuse and addiction the treatment must address not only the physical aspects but also the mental aspects. Treating the body and mind in a holistic recovery fashion takes much more than the one or two weeks that a detoxification period will last. One the client is through detoxification it is important for them to go straight into inpatient treatment now that their mind is clear and more able to absorb the tools and techniques for avoiding relapse. After inpatient treatment a successful aftercare plan will usually include 12-step meetings and sober living or transitional housing. Detoxification is just the start to all of this and is only meant to remove the chemicals from the body. It is very important to find out why the addict felt the need to put those chemicals in their body in the first place in order to avoid doing it again. Call us at (757) 267-4803 to create your own plan for you or your loved one struggling with substance abuse and addiction.